A Rogue’s Parting

The room was black and the rogue was about. The sky had only just begun brightening with merely the faintest hints of light at the edge of the horizon, and he had finally found his opportunity.
He wiped his brow and crept carefully along the wooden floor of the bedroom as its owner snored gently in the bliss of sleep.
The rogue stooped with the grace of a swan and let his hands find their way to the object he sought, an object which held incalculable value to him at the moment.
At last, he had it in his grasp. Now the only thing he had to do was get to the balcony. He stepped lightly as he walked and adjusted his weight as a loose board creaked noisily underfoot. The rogue winced, but the breathing remained rhythmic, and he had yet to be discovered.

The balcony—and freedom—were so close that he could taste it. But it only took a cleared throat, just as his fingers were opening the shutters, to let him know that the jig was up. The balcony doors opened to allow just a faint bit of light inside.

The rogue turned himself around slowly, smiling as disarmingly as he could and the object in his hand was revealed… His pants.

A feminine voice spoke out, quite properly miffed by the sound of it.
“Dammit Seb, you promised you would stay this time!” she said.
A rather buxom lady was now quite angrily approaching him, covered only by a blanket as Sebastian di Lucca tried his best to back away.
“You always do this!” the woman continued. “You show up for a week and promise that you’re a changed man—you try to walk back into my life with gifts and praise, saying ‘Oh, you’re so beautiful, I only have eyes for you now Charlotte’ and fool that I am I believe you. Well, not this time, you’re not climbing out in the night—I’m throwing you out!”
Charlotte threw the rogue’s belongings at him as he tried to keep them from flying out the window; while she did, the blanket wrapped about her body fell to the floor and the rogue couldn’t help but steal a glance at her lovely curves, but now was not the time for regret.
“Please Charlotte, I can explain!” Sebastian cried. He raised his hands in a futile act of contrition, but it was too late.

Charlotte had had enough, and as Sebastian’s buttocks touched the railing he knew his fate was sealed. The rogue did his best to cushion his fall from the second story window as his former lover pushed him over the balustrade and into a trough of water below. Sebastian thought the splash probably woke more than a few people in the courtyard.
Charlotte saw where he had landed and snorted, then clapped her hands and brushed them clean of him.

“Serves you right!” she said, and disappeared into the bedroom.

Sebastian spit some water from his mouth like a marble fountain and sighed.
“Oh well, looks like maybe Victoria is the one for me this week,” he said. Then he laughed and pulled himself from his soggy abode.

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